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March 15, 2009
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Welcome to the Road Crew by Angerfish Welcome to the Road Crew by Angerfish
This is Boyd Cooper: [link]
Boyd has got to be one of the most popular characters amongst Psychonauts fans.

In the game Psychonauts, where you dive into people's brains, Boyd's level is the centerpiece. Literally. It's right in the middle of the whole game. It's also the most twisted, seeing as though this is the first criminally insane security guard and arsonist you meet. Seriously, he's always rambling on to himself about the Milkman and other stuff while either writing on the wall with chalk or starring at newspaper clips taped to the walls of his house in his mental world. And his eye is twitchy and his arms are always shaking.

He truly is a funny character, mostly because of his level, the Milkman Conspiracy, which takes place in a physically twisted rural neighborhood where secret agents (G-Men) and girl scouts (Rainbow Squirts) have an odd espionage war over the Milkman. I'm not going to say any quotes, but Boyd and the G-Men talk. A lot.

I do feel kinda bad for Boyd, what with his freakish design. He seemed like a nice enough guy until the whole getting fired, snapping, and setting the whole place on fire. And Raz doesn't even fix his sanity! He just jumps into his head, beats up a lady, and releases the Milkman and makes Boyd WORSE! Poor guy. He's got the face of a meth addict. I mean milk addict. Of course...

P.S. I'm gonna try all of the Thorney Towers inmate eventually. Up next is Gloria.

[link] ~ Lungfishopolis ~ Linda's Mind
[link] ~ The Milkman Conspiracy ~ Boyd's Mind
[link] ~ Gloria's Theatre ~ Gloria's Mind

Enjoy =)

Psychonauts (c) Double Fine
Textures from ~spiritsighs-stock
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nasubionna Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very, very cool.  I love how you've really mimicked the look of the chalk scribbles that you see when you Clairvoyence on Boyd. 
Fractomancer Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
I just got this game during the recent Steam sale and loved it!
I like how the picture looks like a cutout of some sort.
SuperNormalMan Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Well, he got better after finally throwing that molotov...
Altermentality Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the collage-y look, it fits with how he "pieces all the evidence together"... I've enjoyed how each of your Psychonauts illustrations has its own style. :D
Dezzoi Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Student Digital Artist
omg he's so cute ^u^ *favs with my bootycheek* CHA!
kennybobfrank Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Student General Artist

The fact I haven't seen this until now makes me SO. MAD.

This is so cool. I love this so much. OMG. :heart:
SegaSonic127 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010
I am a road crew worker. This is my stop sign.
mollycarroll Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2009  Professional General Artist
Really lovely. If it digital or collage? Whichever, it has a great feel to it.
Priestess-Shauni Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2009

In the end, Raz's intervention helped. Boyd was catatonic for a while after this, standing maybe for hours there holding his inflammed milk, but then Fred broke through the last wall and Boyd finished his job as the "Milkman" by destroying the Asylum which had brought so much pain to them.
The problem with Boyd's mental world is that we never learn clearly which part of his mind the "Milkman" represents (at least I couldn't figure it out). He probably came into existence when he went mad and burnt down his former workplace; but then setting the asylum aflame extinguished not only his mental problems, but also the "Milkman" - this is like a Chiasmus coming into a full circle. And there's still the question why one part of his mind tried to surpress the Milkman (Den Mother) while another part tried to wake him (G-Men).
Angerfish Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thanks for the really well thought out comment.

Well, I understand that Raz certainly helps in curing Boyd’s milkman complexion and that Boyd is definitely better off at the end of the game than he was at the beginning. However, Boyd is the most ambiguous of all the characters. Raz never seems to develop a positive relationship with Boyd, unlike with Fred or Edgar, or even Gloria to some extent. He seemed to see Boyd as more of an obstacle blocking the gate rather than as a person. Because of this, you don’t really engage Boyd very much and only learn of his past or his mental conditions through silent memory vaults and hints throughout his mental world: the twisted streets, the scribbles on the walls, the retro furniture, the abundance of ashtrays, the sad portraits in his house.
When Boyd extinguishes the Milkman Conspiracy from his mind by the throwing of the milk bottle, he may have, as you said, recovered from other disorders which lead to his predicament in the first place. However, all of this has to be inferred and could be wrong. He could be cured, or he could have the potential to regain his insanity. We’ll never know because his conditions are never presently as bluntly or thoroughly as the other inmates Raz dives into. This makes Boyd a very interesting character, yet it could lead one to desire more closure from his “recovery” scene.

As for your question about the G-Men and the Den mother… I don’t know. The Den mother is most likely part of the milkman conspiracy while the G-men are probably super censors brought about by his paranoia of the milkman.
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